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Molly Kuehl & Jonah Cohen — Minted

Molly Kuehl


Jonah Cohen

Molly Kuehl and Jonah Cohen

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Our Story

September 2016 - We first met during our freshman year at The University of Kansas. Jonah was walking home from class when he ran into two of his pledge brothers, accompanied by some random girl (Molly).

Although we didn’t talk to each other in this first passing, Jonah was quick to ask his pledge brothers who the girl in the blue hat was.

August 2017 - After a year of date parties and a few hundred friendly drinks at The Jayhawk Cafe; we officially graduated from the “talking” phase and started dating on August 25th.

2020 - Molly moved to Omaha and Jonah moved to Kansas City after graduating from KU.

January 2023 - Three years of “short-long distance” later we bought a home and moved in together.

November 2023 - Back where it all started in Lawrence, KS. We got engaged and celebrated all weekend surrounded by family and friends. We couldn’t be more excited for our future together!

August 2024 - Let's party!